Where it all goes! National Weather Service

May 6th, 2012 Comments Off on Where it all goes! National Weather Service

The National Weather Service is offering tours today and the ability to poke around their offices in the Chanhassen, Minnesota office. Being the National Weather Service is a federal office, tours are always fun to see where our funds are going. Loving the Emergency Management field, I made a couple calls to find someone to go with.

A friend of mine from a neighboring community had the day off due to foul weather, what a perfect opening! Come on Paul, let’s go!

The National Weather Service Forecasting office did not look anything like I had imagined, even my guest Paul said that. We pulled up to a nice Minneapolis suburb with cut grass looking for towers only to find none. You pull up to the building and you can see the standard federal sign, NO TRESPASSING!

At the National Weather Service office I was greet by some friends. It was nice to see everyone again, but I was curious to see the toys. Inside the building I was surprised to see all screens and really felt like I should just move right in. Honey, I am home!

With a brief explanation of some of the toys I ventured off for photos. I really enjoyed seeing where I chat with when I radio the National Weather Service. This gives explanation to everything that I do.

Rounding off the day with winning a couple stickers and a ruler made the day. Heading off with Paul for the hour long drive home we grabbed a Wendy’s Frostie and recapped the day and our purposes in our lives with emergencies.

If you liked the photos, I have more in the photo gallery.

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