Dead in the water!

May 3rd, 2012 § 0 comments

So driving home from work on Tuesday my phone starts going off. Tornadoes in Stearns County and emergency management is activating us. I am heading that way and my car oddly enough stalls. Gearing up I am heading out and I am to sit on the highway. So I bunker down in the median and I am sitting on highway 94 at highway 15. I am just waiting here for my partner and I thought that it might be interesting to sit and chat. So, I radio into our dispatch and let them know that I am in position and just sitting here.

My battery light comes on… interesting! So as I am sitting on the side of the road I am a little worried about everything and just wondering what is really going to happen to the car. I get out and I thought that I would wait for Dylan when all of a sudden my car dies.

Now, I am not too worried, stuff like this happens all the time. I just have to restart my car. I get in and turn the key, nothing. Okay so I thought that I would call Dylan first. He is like five miles out… thank God. Gee… flashing lights… who could this be… State Patrol. Nicely enough they knew who I was and I explained the situation. They gave me a jump before Dylan even got there. My car is running!

NOT! My car dies again. Dylan jumps it and sure enough no lights or anything. Well I was able to make it home but not without an interesting night. I phoned into our dispatch and said that I was heading home. Dylan and went out for waffles at Keith’s Kettle in Clearwater.

A couple days later and now my car is getting repaired. With a faulty alternator (again) and a couple other things wrong, I am ready!


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