Skywarn Workshop 2012!

April 14th, 2012 § 0 comments

Launching off in a car with Dylan on an early morning we are heading toward the University of Saint Thomas, Minneapolis campus headed for another Skywarn Workshop.

Last year’s workshop I had heard from a few people was a lot dry. Everything was mainly scientific spoken to a class that is an average volunteer. The people that I had ventured with last year decided not to attend this year for that and other reasons. I was worried that this would have been a repeat of the previous years.

The conference seemed to start off a little dry, but still better than last year. With me not being a morning person, I could be partially to blame. Everything seemed to change fairly fast going towards a more simplified, or fun conference; and I heard that from others.

I did enjoy learning about the how cities that have good chicken names can raise the chance of a tornado in urban areas. It was definitely interesting and like the recommendation to change the name of the city by adding “new” in front of it! Safe!

Overall the conference was a lot better this year and I am glad that I attended. Thanks Dylan for talking me into attending!

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