It’s Not About The Numbers…

January 15th, 2010 Comments Off on It’s Not About The Numbers…

I am not referring to the website either. When you think about stats, it is not really about the numbers but goals. Everyone needs goals in their life. My goals / stats would not be associated with a person, rather than my own personal goals on what I do. I know that if I take some time off, something will change and I will not be caching anymore.

When you think about it, caching is a healthy outdoor sport that you can do at anytime, anywhere. I have lost weight and have become in a lot better shape as a result. I have seen many different places that I know I would have never seen if I was not caching.

Being a computer geek, I was indoors working from a computer designing websites or something else associated with a computer. Now, I am outdoors with a kayak, snowshoes, ATV, etc. Also, I have met a lot of fun interesting people that I would call friends and enjoy hanging out with.

But, enough of a rant… here are the stats:

I made 1600!!

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