Their service is crap! Just like their late fees!

February 24th, 2012 Comments Off on Their service is crap! Just like their late fees!

Recently I have changed my budget around and have been trying to save some money. As a result I do not spend money on as much of the extras as I used to. I however to like to grab a movie at times from Coborns Video as a treat.

In reading some stuff I have heard that late fees are big business for video rental stores. I just wonder how much money. I do not normally have late fees, but when I think about it it makes me worry to think that the last two times I had late fees were at the cost of Coborns.

About a year ago I had returned a video and I knew exactly what time I had returned the video to the dropbox, however they were never collected that night and as a result I was charged a late fee. Okay, now a dollar is not a lot of money, but the idea that they are punishing me for something that I did not do does not sit well with me. In contacting Coborns I spent the time to go over with the manager showing him my car returning the video at the exact time, well before the due time. Wow… I was offered a couple movie coupons for my complaint, their error, and my time.

This week I had another late fee that was due. I had not rented a movie since Christmas time. Gee, when speaking to the video rental clerk they did say that yes it was due on a day that they were closed. Yes, I did bring the video back the next day as they no longer have an outdoor video collection box. However, nothing they could do… WHAT? So you are telling me that I have to pay a late fee for a video that I could not return because the store was closed? Wow…

I did fill out their comment form online only to not receive a reply back. That was Tuesday at 8pm… it is Friday. I have two more free coupons for video rentals from Coborns and then I will be using RedBox… I urge everyone to do the same.

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