Trivia LONG Play 33 1/3 – Another Great Year!

February 13th, 2012 § 0 comments

Trivia Long Play 33 1/3 this year was a hit. This year I was able to work almost 33 1/3 hours. I think that I was there now that I think about it for a total of 27 hours of trivia madness. I was able to take in trivia like I never have before. Like Bruce Peterson said during the awards ceremony, I “came from the dark side” and thus have not seen anything trivia like I have until I came to the dark side, last year.

Some of the highlights of this year. We have headsets! In the video below you can see that I purchased headsets for the contest below. We started out with 32 phone bases and due to technical issues we eliminated 6 to the garbage. The only downfall that I did hear in regards to the headsets is that with this being a test pilot year for headsets, we only had 7 headsets. I had my own personal headset so that I had it day after day when I was in the phone bank. I heard raving reviews and next year we will have 10 more phone bases and 29 headsets to complete the phone bank.

Some of the fun highlights is that I did get to hangout with someone that I met last year, Heaven to Stairway, and also met someone new, EndUser. I have to remember to add them to Facebook. Also the phone bank, Heaven to Stairway and Peggy had some fun with the Challenge Line. The basis of the Challenge Line is to break up the trivia madness introducing fun. Here  is a LINK for more information about the challenges of the past.

The Phone Bank issued a challenge to the teams to create their own parody rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow, upload it to YouTube and post it on the KVSC Facebook page. Nobody completed the challenge! As a response, you will see that the Phone Bank created something.

Thanks Frank and John for the lyrics to our excellent production. Also thanks to the unknown person from UTVS for their professional quick editing so we were able to get this up for everyone to see and hear!

As everyone knows, nobody gets sleep during trivia weekend. We have places that are busing in food for us, people are modifying their hours to staff every aspect of trivia, and as a result everyone gets loopy. One of the best times at trivia, and the Goat Posse favorite moments was a hit… the video from UTVS…

With all the fun times of trivia, you can never for the Awards Ceremony. I would like to thank everyone for all the fun times this year… and hopefully see you next year!

And now off to Shake A Hamster!

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