Viva Las Vegas!

March 19th, 2009 Comments Off on Viva Las Vegas!

After my first trip to Las Vegas, I have decided that I love it and would love to live there. I had a lot of fun gambling (and even broke even), I learned a lot of interesting things about certain family members, and had a lot of fun caching there.

The city of lights? I love the casinos and they are like nothing that I have seen before. They are wonderful. I think that I like the Bellagio the best, and that is not just because that is the only place that I have won at, but because the style, class and look. The atmosphere seemed to be different than any other. The MGM was different and seemed more like a playground and something more for families. Pretty cool place.

The geocaching event that I attended was like none other. I met the best family that I spent the day with. We went to the Stratosphere and with Jeromy I rode all three rides. The XScream was the worst and truly shook me up. Jeromy insisted that I was not able to see the ride beforehand, which I now understand and I think that it did make the ride a lot better. The Big Shot was my favorite ride and I would have loved to have done that again. I had to get pictures and they are on the site. 

The Stratosphere did have a virtual cache on the top, so I had to get that. Then Jeromy and Wendy (his wife) offered to take me caching for my 500th find. That was fun. I had the best time which allowed me to get my 500th find (not exactly were it was supposed to be because of my inability to count when excited) and I was able to see the sites of Nevada in a different way. We spent the day all over the place. I did enjoy the ghost town of Gold Springs where I have seen different things that I would love to explore more. Also, I was able to see my first actual mine from back in the day of gold mining and even went in. Awesome! For all this I could never say thanks enough, so I did order some gifts for them that I can’t wait to receive.

My stats as of Tuesday (which do not include all 520 finds)
Caches Found:        503
Minnesota:                274
United States:     12,253
World:                   21,275

Not a lot left from my goal of 700 before April… I think thatI am going to make the date of April 4th just so that I will get them by my birthday.

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