Ice No Fishing!

January 29th, 2012 Comments Off on Ice No Fishing!

Deciding to testing out the new portable fish house Jacques and I travel to the middle of nowhere only in a perfect 27 degree temperature and setup the fish house. Getting everything setup was fairly easy. I think that the most work was getting everything from the car!

The setup was fairly easy. The sides pulled out and we set everything in the holes. I noticed that the new tipups were pretty close to going in the holes with the size of the auger the same size as the nice bucket stowable tipups. We brought along crappie minnows and angler worms and were all set with everything and many different kinds of tackle.

Still with no fish coming in Jacques had to get a photo as if he did have something on. I am shocked that we did not even get a bite! Nothing!

The good thing that we were thankful for was inside the fish house it was like 114 degrees due to Jacgues being cold. We had both heaters running. One on low (the cheap sunflower Mr. Heater MH15C) and then one on high (the expensive Coleman Sportcat Portable Catalytic Heater). I have to admit that I would recommend the Mr. Heater long before the Coleman heater. The BTU that was put out were very different.

All in all the day was fun and I do enjoy ice fishing as long as I am not freezing. Like I said, it was warm and I did have to take off my coat inside the fish house.

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