I found a new Senzation…. v2.3

January 27th, 2012 Comments Off on I found a new Senzation…. v2.3

So many people know that I am an uber geek and I with everything technology I love smartphones, particularly the Android operating system due to it being completely and proudly open source. Since I have not seen a better phone than the one I have (the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy S2) I decided to change out the ROMs (Read Only Memory, which is the firmware for the phone and operation system).

Finding a ROM for this type of phone seems to be a pain because you have many thing that you have to think about including credibility of the ROM / developer, length of time that it has been out, reviews, phone software versions, etc. So taking to the forums and my phone I am literally researching for hours trying to decide what will work best for me. Downloading about ten different ROMs (taking many hours because the free download hosting limits the bandwidth) I spent days backing up, installing, restoring, formatting, and just going nuts. Still not sure that I am happy.

I decided to stay with the Senzation v2.3 as it seemed that this ROM had the least problems and fit how I seemed to function. I tried some ROMs that had really high ratings but did not seem to function correctly or were missing key things in my ideal of a ROM. One that I had really enjoyed and seemed to function really well I was not able to get the GPSr working. The GPSr being one of the most important functions on a phone I had to switch back from that ROM to the choice that seemed to have everything working, Senzation v2.3. The only thing that seemed down was the responsiveness was a little slow at times, some of the applications seem to be shutting down a little more than often and the battery is draining a little (and only a little) faster. With future development though I am guessing that good things will be happening with these ROMs and the Samsung Epic 4G Touch.

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