It is a part of my body…

January 23rd, 2012 Comments Off on It is a part of my body…

Smartphone Addiction

Talk about the truth. Lately I have been noticing that our phones, or more specifically mine, is a part of our bodies. I feel naked without my phone and I rely on it for everything. I used my phone as an alarm clock, keep track of my tasks, shopping lists, contacts, my appointments, bank account, everything. I am just not sure what I would do if I did not have my phone.

What will people do for the latest and greatest? I know many people are willing to pay for the newest phone hundreds of dollars. I normally get a new phone pretty often. I have found a phone that I am happy with and I am not sure that I would have to update for a long time. I believe that I will be staying with Android for good. I like the philosophy behind the platform and also how I can decide what I want with my phone. This is not a sales tactic, although even though I am not paid for this I would recommend the Epic 4G Touch or the Galaxy S2 to anyone. I had actually seen these two comics and thought that they hit pretty close to home. It is sad that I have to point out that after I seen these comics I read the specs on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Hmmmm… ouch!

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