SOPA is stopped…

January 21st, 2012 Comments Off on SOPA is stopped…

Well SOPA is stopped. Thank God! What does that mean now?

SOPA is on the back burner. It will be back, we do not know when or how, but it will be back. This is just a time where they are going to revamp it and I am guessing they are going to try to hide it again under some other form of legislation.

It is interesting to see the result of the SOPA Blackout that happened on January 18th. I think that it really opened peoples’ eyes on how serious this actually was. I think that the paid off Congress needs to realize that we as a People have power. It was sad to see Amy Klobuchar say on Facebook that she really didn’t support the bill that she cosponsored. Also Al Franken seems to be jumbling his words in his blog making it sound like he did not support the bill but the message behind it. I have to say that I think that people everywhere need to be more involved in your government and challenge your politicians letting them know that you know what they are doing. Everyone should be concerned since you pay them and they work for you.

Blackout Results!

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