Minnesota nice…

January 12th, 2010 Comments Off on Minnesota nice…

Having a few minutes, I decided to take a trip on a trail before meeting regarding some website work. I love to just walk to a cache and the winter is nice at times because you do not need to worry about many people being out. So I head out to Avon, and figure that I will park on the side of the road making my way to Stewart Little (GCYBE5), find it, sign it, get to work… Can something be so easy?

Minnesota roads this time of year are generally not in the best shape. Winter is here, that is expected. This year I have noticed that a lot of the plows are not able to get the road down to the street.

I pull off on the side of the road only to realize that I am sinking. My car slid and sank into the ditch where I had no road. I tried to dig my way out and thought about calling AAA when I realized that we have people that are interested in helping. I had a truck backup to my car and he pulled me right out.

It is weird when you think about these type of Saviors. You don’t get their name or their address, but he did something that he did not have to do at all. He refused money as well. True Minnesota nice!

Well, I made my way to the cache parking on the road at that point and made the find. TNLNSL and made my way back to the car.

Something like this really makes you think about the Golden Rule and Minnesota nice.

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