I was told that I need an update…..

March 10th, 2009 Comments Off on I was told that I need an update…..

 After a friend was reading my blog, they said that I needed an update. So, here it is. 

Vegas here I come! I am actually going to more than just Vegas, but it will be fun. I plan on doing a lot of stuff while I am there, but I know that geocaching will be with me the entire time. I am hoping that by the end of the month that I will have will have over 600 caches. I can hear people saying "Wow!" right about now, but that is not that hard. When you think about it, MOGA will have about 300 caches and they are all really close. I will be caching from sunup until sundown. And then Vegas I will be spending a day of caching. Just might have 700 caches, you never know…. 

My current stats are: 

Caches Found:        456
Minnesota:                295
United States:     13,345
World:                   23,376

Really 700 caches is only 250 more than I have now. And with two and a half weeks to do it? 

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