Black Friday 2011!

November 25th, 2011 Comments Off on Black Friday 2011!

To the people that have not heard of Black Friday… wow! To those that have lived it, disappointment!

This year the excitement of Black Friday was there, but the sales were not. Having a computer science degree, speaking with other computer science geeks, this year the best laptop would go to Sam’s Club, not Best Buy!

This year I was all geared up, budgeted and prepared. The stores just did not share in the excitement with their sales as I was in trying to find that great deal. The great deal was not there!

The good news, other than getting stuff for other people, I did not have to stop at many stores. I was at Walmart and Toys R Us to start the event on Thanksgiving Day. Toys R Us was NUTS! The line was longer there than at Best Buy, which is rare! I could see that this was going to be an interesting year. The only stores that I had to visit was Sam’s Club, Big Lots and Shopko.

Heading to Walmart waiting there for a couple hours and doing my duty to country (blowing money) I was able to head to my sister’s family’s house hoping for a bit of shut eye. Once there it seemed like everything tried to keep me awake.

My only challenge this year (and my only goal) was Sam’s Club for the new laptop so I had a laptop for work. I needed this, and had to have it. With my sister still at Walmart she was watching the Sam’s Club parking lot. Just closing my eyes, RING RING RING! Arg!

So, my sister calls and lets me know that Sam’s Club parking lot is filling up. I was not planning on going there at 1am, but she insisted. So, getting ready and grabbing my stuff I am on my way to stand in line in the cold. Arriving at 2am I find my brother-in-law standing in line (or rather by himself) right at the door. Walking up I tell my sister on the phone that everyone is going to be running up behind me being I am the second person. Wow! Was I ever correct! Everyone came running, but I was first in line with only three hours to wait!

Well after waiting in line only a short three hours and then a half hour at the registers due to register problems and cashier errors we were off! Next it was Shopko and Big Lots. What a nice easy day. After spending the short day of shopping with little in return, I was able to see Broke Saturday!

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