Wilde Roast Café – Minneapolis, MN Review

October 23rd, 2011 § 0 comments

I reviewed theWilde Roast Café at 65 Main St SE, Minneapolis, MN:

Spending the day in the cities, a friend and I decided to try something new. Thinking that we were going for coffee, we ended up getting food.

Walking in, I did not know what to expect. Normally I picture a warm friendly college student environment for a coffee shop. Upon entering I was not able to see the entire place until coming around the corner. Wow, I was impressed. This was an extremely elegant place that still had a nice warm feel. Everything seemed to be dressed up in a very professional, serious fine dining manner while still offering the casual coffee shop.

After taking a breather, I looked around and decided that this was more than a casual attire place and although I wouldn’t wear a coat, you very well could. The wait staff were all dressed in an extremely professional black. Even with some wearing a black t-shirt, it seemed like a professional black attire. I did feel very comfortable and was able to talk in a soft voice with my friend still being able to catch everything that I said. I felt a little under dressed for the atmosphere but it didn’t seem to bother the restaurant staff and I shrugged it off.

The menu itself seemed very plain and not dressed up, but the items in the menu match the atmosphere… elegant.

To drink we both started out with a Vanilla Iced Latte which was very good. It is hard to make a perfect iced latte as they will eventually become watered down if they are not strong enough. We did run into that and my friend had asked me about that… it was still very good.

We had ordered the Calamari for our appetizer and decided to split the Thai Chicken pizza. To our surprise, they arrived at the same time. I generally prefer the appetizer prior to our meal so that we can munch, chat and take in the atmosphere a little more before getting our main course. This did make me feel a little rushed in an empty restaurant.

The calamari came on a really nice platter with a nice sauce dish that said fine dining again. The presentation really was something that made me feel like they were trying to dress it up a little. The taste was good, however not the best calamari I have had (do not take that as bad… it was still good!).

The Thai Chicken pizza was brought out on a wooden pizza server that was really nice. The smell was great and this made my palate water. The taste was awesome and like my friend said, “very Thai” which I would take as nicely authentic. The only down side was the portions were not explained, and we could have ordered another possibly. My friends comment, “a little larger portions would be nice” seemed to ring true.

Having smaller portions did make room for desert, however we did not see a desert menu and we were also told their was none. The waiter did recommend a half scoop of each Apple Cider gelato and Salted Caramel gelato. They were both really good, but I have to say that we each liked the other.

Our waiters were really professional and a lot of fun. We know that one was named Dennis (off the check), but we did not know the other waiters name. We would highly recommend them in the future. In the past I have asked a waiter to sit down for a minute and ask them to tell me their story just to see how they take people. Either of these I think would have been fun to talk to.

During our meal they had switched the lighting to a romantic dimmed candle light. This seemed to change the mood and even make the night seem more relaxed. I would recommend going in the evening to see this as this was really a shock.

The check was promptly delivered to our table at a very appropriate time to which I did not feel that I was rushed and we did leave an above standard tip as we felt it was necessary to the point that the entire ambiance and professionalism of the waitstaff deserved. The prices were very

I am very hard to rate something as a five, so I do have to give this a four star event. If I was able to rate in half star increments, this would have been a 4.5, the highest that I have given. To gain a five, I would appreciate the appetizer before the meal (this was not the killer), the password to the wifi maybe placed at the tables (because of it not being presented, the laptop was put away), and a little larger portions, and a desert menu.

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