Minneapolis Sonic Challenge

October 22nd, 2011 Comments Off on Minneapolis Sonic Challenge

So today Ben and I made our way to Loring Park for the Minneapolis Sonic Challenge, a race using the SCVNGR smartphone application. The day was beautiful and it was set for a high of 60 degrees. The day was going to be great.

I have to admit that the information that I received did not include much about where this was going to happen, what we were doing, how long it would take, etc. Only that first place was going to win a car. Either way, I thought that it was going to be a lot of fun.

We arrived early, at 10:30 only to be told that we had to wait until 11am to register. This gave us a little more time to go over the clues and figure out what we were really doing. At 11am it seemed like a mad rush to get registered and we did not get registered until after noon. We were given a pink shirt and stickers to put beneath our eyes. The race was to begin at noon but did not start until about 12:20.

GO! Well I have used the SCVNGR app many times before, so I thought that this was going to be a breeze… and then I noticed a map! This made things go a lot faster and we were in and out of every challenge… until about the middle of the event. The SCVNGR servers went down. Everyone stopped in a standstill. It was eerie. It was a sea of pink shirts standing around doing nothing staring at their phones.

The sad thing was that we were still able to see the people that did not have smartphones were still able to keep competing. We were stopped for about a half hour. We also heard rumors that people were cheating having larger groups of people in the area to find the answers for them. Sad…

During the event we had to go find things about Minneapolis and the Chevrolet Sonic which is an interesting car that I do not think that I could ever drive. It was a nice looking, sporty car but it seems too small for me.

The day went really well and it seemed weird that they did not tell us anyone’s scores which leads to the belief that when the servers crashed, they lost our scores. We lost, but it was still a fun event. It was a little odd, but it was still a fun idea.

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