Chili’s Grill & Bar – Saint Louis Park, MN Review

October 21st, 2011 Comments Off on Chili’s Grill & Bar – Saint Louis Park, MN Review

I reviewed the Saint Louis Park Chili’s Grill & Bar at 5245 Wayzata Blvd, Minneapolis / Saint Louis Park in Minnesota:

Walking into the place I was welcomes by a friendly host and sat down at a small two person table. After asking to move we were friendly seated in a nice spacious booth.

The environment was very casual and it had the ambiance of a fun bar. I did not feel that this would be something to take someone from work, but rather if I wanted to drink in the evening. The restaurant was pretty loud and we did have to raise our voices a little to be able to hear each other, and we were not seated near the bar but in the restaurant area.

The menus were very nicely done and brought on a very delicious menu. Upon meeting our waitress we had decided to order drinks. The waitress did correct me on my drink choice so that I was able to receive the buy-one-get-one free special for Happy Hour. I ordered a margarita, which seemed to have been made incorrectly as it was extremely sour, but still was okay. The flavor that I had ordered did not seem to be present in the drink at all. The Blackberry Ice Tea was extremely tasty though.

We had ordered the Tostada Chips & Fire-Grilled Guacamole for our appetizer. The guacamole was very well made and we enjoyed the awesome salsa and fresh chips. This stood out in my mind as the positive about the meal.

Our food had a very nice presentation. I had ordered the Cajun Chicken Pasta and my guest had ordered the Half-Rack Baby Back Ribs with Home-style Fries.

Like I said, nice presentation. The Cajun Chicken Pasta was supposed to be spicy and with the entire plate, only two pieces of chicken were spicy. The pasta was just that, Alfredo. I feel like I missed out on the spice that I so love. The food did seem a little bland on my plate.

My guest had me try his ribs. Now I have had ribs before, I love them. He had asked about Chili’s to the point of that is what they are known for. The ribs seemed a little dry and as if they were either sitting out under a heat lamp or cooked in a microwave. I have to say that serving fries with ribs brings about a little bit of a stance that this is not a serious restaurant.

The check did take a while to get to us and the server was nice.

However this restaurant was pretty “mainstream” as I have heard. The price for two was priced at about $30. I would find this hard to rate as a four.

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