Burglarized… It Stings!

October 14th, 2011 § 0 comments

So today I walk into work and to my surprise my computer was missing. Looking around the office it had appeared that the office was ransacked. Interesting enough, I realized how dependent that we are on technology, I had my bosses cell phone number on my laptop.

So I had to call the Sales Director to get in touch with my boss as she had his cell phone number. After a little bit I was able to verify that the place was burglarized with the keys and we had phoned the police department. From there we determined that the entire building was burglarized using the janitors keys once they gained access to the building.

Our office was not missing much, only two laptops, a new Plantronics headset and a phone. It was odd enough to see that others had lost a lot more.

The people have been identified, arrested, but no luck on getting our property back… it could be a while.

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