Run Forest! Run! – Twin Cities Marathon 2011

October 2nd, 2011 § 0 comments

This is the second year that I have been with the Twin Cities Marathon, but this one was a little different. I was able to see my cousin cross the finish line.

Ben and I had started at Mile Marker 6 where we had a very uneventful time. The only situation that we had was someone had turned over a drivers license and credit card. That was a simple radio in to Net Control that we had it and we returned it to the finish line. Simple.

The route to the Minnesota State Capitol was little difficult to get to. With the road construction underway near the capitol we had to find a different route to the special parking. We had driven around for a little longer finding the difficult route to our assigned location.

Once on location at the medical tent it seemed like this event was overstaffed and we had a little time to wonder around. Giving Ben a tour of the operations was something that was interesting because it is interesting to see what all goes on behind the scenes.

With a little time before we actually had to start working Ben and I were able to checkout the finish line. After watching that for a while I was able to login to the computer and check to see when Dust, my cousin, was going to cross the finish line. With the time accurate, Dust and Corey ran across the finish line with a great time, better than they thought.

Afterwards, arriving back at the tent we had logged into the computer and showed Ben a little about the tracking system and what we are doing. The day seemed pretty dead, but I have an idea on how things could work better next year.

For the day we only had a total of eight people taken to the hospital from our portable emergency room, and that is actually really small compared to last year. Everything went well.

Afterwards Ben and I headed to Tea Garden where I was able to try Bubble Tea for the first time. I have am not able to write an official review since I feel that I did not have a chance to take in the entire atmosphere and I did not really understand what I was doing as I did not order. I have to admit that I really did enjoy my time though and I will be back for a review.

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