About me!

A little something about me… Jam3s…

Public Service ~
Serving the public in many different ways has always been a passion. Having the ability to work in disaster either in EMCOMM, or other functions, has been an honor. Public events follow with that as well.

Camping ~
This year I plan on doing a lot more camping. I have been camping in many different locations. I just feel the need to get out. Hopefully I am able to get out with friends or family a little more each year.

Computers ~
I have a passion for computers and I learned about many different aspects of computers in terms of dialup service, networking, software, anti-virus / malware, website design, databases, servers, etc. I am always learning stuff with computers as computers are ever-changing. I have designed a few websites for different nonprofit organizations and companies. Microsoft sadly is my least favorite software company, however at the same time it is my favorite company. Most of their software is great by some of the features do not work well with others. Also, I think that a lot of their software is released in the Beta stage (too early).

Geocaching ~
As you may know, I am big into geocaching. Click HERE for my Geocaching.com profile. In the last few months I have steadily been growing in Geocaching. One my profile you can track my personal goals. I have read a few books on the subject, trained some people in it and now I am trying competitions. I hate puzzle caches though!

Snowshoeing ~
With my first year snowshoeing I have learned a lot of stuff about snowshoeing, including that it is a lot of work. I think that when everything thinks that it is not a lot of work and that the snowshoes make everything easy, they should try it themselves. I will lend them my snowshoes so that I can watch them. This type of sport is something where you can really keep in shape though.

Kayaking ~
I love kayaking! Lets go! I think that it is peaceful sitting on the kayak and just floating, as well as going down the rapids.

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