2000! What a great day!

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The View from the Tower at the Dunes...

The View from the Tower at the Dunes...

Today I was able to start the day off in Richmond finding a couple caches with Snitzal. The first cache that we found was on my DNF list for a long time and Snitzal was able to pull it out like he knew where it was all along.

Snitzal in the Tower

Snitzal in the Tower

One more cache and then we were off to logging the caches. Snitzal is not yet used to logging, so we sat at the park with internet and logged the caches. There I received a call asking for help on a FTF. Awesome! A FTF for 2000! We book to meet Sue of theodellfamily in the Sand Dunes and I signed 2000! After that we cached the dunes and I found the fire tower. I have always love things that involve heights. So, we climbed the tower. What a fun day!

The Dunes Tower...

The Dunes Tower...


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Having no time to sleep the last couple weeks, I was extremely happy to see GCF2010 kickoff. Spending the time setting up the caches, emailing everyone, doing registration packets, was all a blast; the real fun was at the event.

I want to thank Joey, Devin and Kris for helping out at the caching runs table. I think that it worked out VERY well even though all the planning that we did we threw away. I think that everyone had fun and knew what they were doing.

The planning that Randy and Jean did was amazing. I am 100% positive that it would not have been ran so well if they were not there.

I was also able to meet some people that I think will be fun. I met Cainrcc, Chassidy, Annie Love, Joe Friday & Sharon! Talk about a fun group!

Thanks everyone! See you in Germany?

10 Years!

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Geocaching has had another birthday. For people that do not know, I am a geocacher and very involved. This last weekend was full of events. I held a geocaching event for people north of the cities and I think that we had a lot of fun. We had a total 38 people that celebrated the downfall of selective availability by President Clinton. We were fortunate enough with great weather that allowed us to clean up a parks trail, have a potluck and cake. With all that on Saturday, Sunday I drove to the cities for another event that lead me to Cambridge for yet another event.

With all the events being a blast, I will still able to celebrate victory on the Magical Mystery Sewer and also Air Guitar, the two evil caches in area.

Could I ask for anything more? Nope… I was exhausted.

How to please everyone…

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Today has been a bad day. Is there any way to truly please everyone?

Yesterday I was listening to WCCO Radio and was extremely shocked at the audacity where people think that they can insult and attack people based on their opinions. So here we go…

I offered to sell some things on Ebay. When I received a request for special shipping instructions from the buyer, I decided that I would be nice and take the hit on it not realizing that their request would cost more than the total price they paid. So, I am out $7 upon selling the item.

My phone goes off when I am talking with my sister. The interior, store packing, cause something to happen with the collectible figurine. She wants a refund. So I spoke with the Post Office and was told that they would be able to refund for something like that and that I would just need pictures of the item or the item and that either the buyer or seller would be able to file the claim. Of course, the buyer would not be able to take pictures because her “friend broke her card reader” for her digital camera. And it would cost enough money to ship it back.

Receiving six emails in an hour, I decided that I would just refund the money. I am not sure what kind of person would expect a refund on an item that they have purchased without sending the item back or without at the very least taking pictures of the item, but apparently obiforever thinks that is okay. So, I have a $53.55 loss on an item that the buyer was allowed to keep. Wow…

So, I placed a new cache yesterday. People in Saint Cloud have been getting frustrated with puzzles, because I thought that geocaching was the fun in looking for the cache and being outside. So, I placed a new puzzle cache that I thought was harder but realized that people are just that good.

I have a hint on the puzzle talking about comments because the puzzle uses HTML comments for the actual puzzle. And I received a nasty email from someone who gave me a rude comments about my cache.

I was told that if I didn’t like a cache, that I should ignore it… good advice to which I have been doing! I was also told that it was rude with my poem because I said that the puzzles were impossible to solve. I am glad that I am not the only one that feels that way as two people have said those exact words and then also I received an email from another cache saying the same thing.

I also was told that a line in my poem on the cache page, “where is the geocheck?” was rude. I wonder why that would be rude when people have told me that they will not look at a puzzle if it doesn’t have that on it.

I think that it is funny that I have one person that feels that way and attacks me… but I have four that have told me not to change a thing.

A GREAT event! Borderline Insanity – Hudson Hot Air Affair!

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I need to thank event for a great set of events during the Hudson Hot Air Affair. I really enjoyed every minute of it. I do have to call out Doc.’s amazing Ultimate Skirtlifter. Also thanks to DM for putting up with me for the day. I really enjoyed the caching!

The balloons were awesome! Hudson was fun! A perfect weekend mini vacation.

I have pictures in on the site if anyone would like to see them.


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