Simply Outdoor Event?

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Simple Outdoor Experiences

With warm weather right around the corner, I was asked to help with a geocaching presentation with the Simply Outdoor Experiences event at Wilson Park. The rain did hold off, but it also held off the people I fear. Thanks to the Big Red Librarian for cancelling his plans and helping out for the day! We had only about 10 people stop at the booth, which was a little crazy but it was still a lot of fun. I was able to have the chance to spend it with the geocaching family that I miss.

Making maps made me lost…

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Wildwood County Park Map

If anyone that reads my posts, I am weird. I like technology and also the outdoors. To mix the two, I have taken an interest in mapping out trails and parks. So, I map out parks and trails that you can add to your GPS. Today was the first day that I was able to get out to a park this year to see what I could get done. So, with a friend along we headed to Wildwood County Park, Stearns County, Minnesota.

At the park, we grabbed a map and set the GPS to start the electronic mapping process. Ben and I were going over the map and everything looked to be pretty easy. After a couple miles of walking, we came to a crossroad. Wait, this is not on the map?

Well, so make a long story short, the map  was wrong. Many trails that we had found were not on the map (unless they were winter trails), the trails were not visibly marked and some of the curves on the trails were confusing. After a few hours we decided to leave with good reason. I figured that I will go back out there when I am able to meet with whoever runs this park to finish this one. It did feel nice to be out there though!

A PSA! Wood ticks are bad!

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Wood Tick

So some might know that I have been sick for a little while. I am glad to say that my doctor, the genius that she is, solved the mystery on what made me sick. I did not have many symptoms to go off of, only a sore neck, fever and fatigue for about six weeks. I was ready to get rid of this! I thought that I had the flu, but this long?

I had Lymes disease caused by a wood or deer tick. So, if any politicians are reading this lets look at introducing a bill to eradicate wood and deer ticks.

Since I have learned that I had Lymes disease, I have done my research. The American Lymes Disease Foundation has a great website at Here you can learn more about Lymes disease, wood / deer ticks, and other information.

Also, everyone thinks that bug spray works to get rid of wood / deer ticks. False. In studies that I have watched, and tested, wood / deer ticks are not troubled by bug spray in the least. I use Sawyer Permethrin Spray which is a pretreatment for clothing that I used to spray on my clothes during the summer. I am going to continually spray this on before I go out until I am 100% sure that they are gone for the season.

Congrats to the Newlyweds!

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Congrats to Mark and Kris and thanks for a fun event!

A Bomb….

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So I had received a couple emails asking for some help at the Mall of America for an exercise. Deciding to head down there for the day to see how everything was going to go was going to be a little fun.

After making the drive down there, people thought that I was nuts due to the snow, oh well. A friend and I were able to make it down there easily and decided to go check it out. I grabbed my radio so that I was able to listen in and see what all would happen.

Holy PEOPLE! I am not a fan of lines, people, etc. I like orderly chaos if I am thrown in chaos at all. We had seen a line wrapped all the way around the mall pretty much of people waiting to sign in. Nope… we are out of here. After seeing the number of people we decided to head out of there, grab some food and head back.

Not a complete flop though, heading back we decided to get some mapping done of Warner Lake County Park.

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