Wicked Storms!

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Everything was down!

Everything was down!

So we had some great storms today and as most people know, I am a storm chaser. These storms did not produce much until they hit Saint Cloud. Driving around Saint Cloud was a little difficult as it every street that was blocked almost on the north side of town due to trees and then the occasional power line. Here you had one instance where you had a power line pole blocking one lane on one side of the road and a tree blocking both lanes on the other side.

Difficult driving conditions…

Awesome Wadena Video!

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A video made for the intro to the debriefing presentation. Thought that it was cool and given the PowerPoint, I thought that I would upload it. The video was created by Bryan and Amy of the Wadena County Sheriff’s Office. You can see the full size on my Pix! page.

A Bomb….

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So I had received a couple emails asking for some help at the Mall of America for an exercise. Deciding to head down there for the day to see how everything was going to go was going to be a little fun.

After making the drive down there, people thought that I was nuts due to the snow, oh well. A friend and I were able to make it down there easily and decided to go check it out. I grabbed my radio so that I was able to listen in and see what all would happen.

Holy PEOPLE! I am not a fan of lines, people, etc. I like orderly chaos if I am thrown in chaos at all. We had seen a line wrapped all the way around the mall pretty much of people waiting to sign in. Nope… we are out of here. After seeing the number of people we decided to head out of there, grab some food and head back.

Not a complete flop though, heading back we decided to get some mapping done of Warner Lake County Park.

Look what the wind blew in…

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I want one! (It is a DOW)

I want one! (It is a DOW)

So Dr. Josh Wurman brought a Doppler on Wheels to Saint Cloud. I was hoping that the Saint Cloud Times was correct that he was here working on a study, but they were very wrong and he is here to demonstrate the DOW to the SCSU radar class.

I was able to listen to the Wurman speech, but then again the people that you think are heroes, generally show something disappointing. Oh well. I think that the DOW is still cool.

Inside the DOW...

Inside the DOW...

All the pretty colors!

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After seeing this on the radar, I was a little shocked seeing the storm; and then I noticed how cool it looked!

All the pretty colors... a radar image.

All the pretty colors... a radar image.

This is a GR level 3 image that I was pretty impressed on.

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